Fresh Ideas

Following on from last weeks brainstorming session, we discussed the ideas put forward to improve our weekly meetings. Tamworth Writers has seen some positive changes since making the move from the Town Hall to Tamworth Library. The extension of hours has enabled more members to participate for longer, however, this has also blurred the lines as to when the meeting starts and ends.

It has been agreed that the first 20 minutes of each meeting should be used for general discussion, updates and information that needs passing on. We should then have strict writing time, for now, this will be 40 minutes taking us to 2pm. This way, members who have been unable to find time to write on the weekly subject can pen their work. Alternatively, it can be used for work in progress or reading/editing. Whatever purpose each member finds for the allotted time, it should be spent quietly. This will also allow latecomers to join us and hear everyones work after 2pm.

The question of weekly subs was brought up and it was unanimously agreed that this should now be lowered to £1 per session. This will cover the cost of speakers we may book but moving forward, any theatre trips and excursions are to be paid for individually; this includes the Readers & Writers meeting at Christophers. Competitions will still be run and this money is to be found from subs for now.

As we are saying goodbye to Lou, Wanda has agreed to take money for drinks and biscuits, I shall look forward to running up a suitable pinny for Wanda’s Refreshments which she can model whilst pushing in the trolley (I’ve a feeling I may regret this…) Funds will be found from this for our Christmas meal.

The last point on the agenda was a prospective meeting to be held once a month in the evening. This has yet to be finalised; maybe members can bring some ideas for days and venues next week. Already the response on Twitter has been positive with some good interest shown.


Without further ado, we slipped seamlessly into our dedicated writing time. A little later owing to the previous discussion but everyone was eager to put pen to paper; well except Sean who preferred the role of writing invigilator, a job he took very seriously. The theme this week was Mystery, this was taken up by the majority of the group beginning with Sue.

Reading a descriptive piece about a subject we are all familiar with, the loss of keys, in Sue’s case her car keys. Taking us on a journey through the various odds and ends she searched, making discoveries including old sweets and scribbled notes. The mystery is ultimately solved by her daughter who returns from school that day to casually mention she had picked the keys up herself by accident. Sue always manages to produce quality work in no time at all, the discovery of the phone number could be mystery no2.

Lou continued by observing the mystery of life, thought-provoking and leaving us with the knowledge that the only certainties in life are death and taxes.

Moya teased us with the beginnings of a dragon story, amusingly titled, Glowering Inferno. We were introduced to King Fred who called for a melee during which we heard mention of the dragon Snowdrop. As always packed with fantastic names and larger than life characters. We want more!

Caroline had also managed to pen several pages towards the start of a novel, no mean feat in a short time. We heard about a police incident happening outside the home of George and Edna, the latter of whom had situated herself in prime position for speculating on what was going on. From her armchair she regaled George with imagined tales of the drama unfolding in their neighbours home. This included a classic observance about the shiftiness of people who don’t bring in their bins! Again, more please Caroline.

Marilia took us away on holiday with Diane and Richard. Describing an average day visiting the beach before returning to the hotel room where Diane is unable to locate her make up bag, a mystery that bordered on crisis until Diane remembered putting it in the safe. Another different take on the subject, well written.

Precia, starting with the line, “It’s a mystery” told how she was a fan of 80s songstress Toyah, well until she took on the role of Evita, unsuccessfully. This was followed by a humorous observation about the wherabouts of baby pigeons and doves. Continuing with an anecdote about the heavy-footed pigeons that disturb the peace in the Pitt household that concluded with the tale of a buzzard decapitating one unfortunate pigeon. Maybe that was the mystery solved?

Wanda had continued with a novel she has read from previously. A historical piece that took us to the court of Laird Douglas where he handed out a dreadful punishment to an unfortunate young girl, Mary MacDonald. In her despair as she was taken away, Mary laid an ancient deity curse upon the household of the Laird to be paid with a blood debt. It concludes when the Lady, having taken her leave from court makes plans to save the young girl in the hopes that the curse is lifted. Another excellent use of such a short time, as Wanda read, the tension built. I’m hoping we don’t have to wait long before hearing the next instalment.

Lily worked on an idea that may be inserted in a book or just a blog piece. The title was Everyone Else Is and it concerned the age-old phrase used by kids when peer pressure takes over. Cool kids of every decade lead the way for those of us more easily led, some more so than others… In today’s society, peer pressure has never been greater, I dread to think where my boundaries would have been drawn if the internet had been around!

Next week’s topic is Enigma so if times evades you this week, don’t forget to bring pen and paper, 1.20pm is time to write.

time to write



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  1. A good write-up. I think you remembered all what was discussed. And we do discuss… well, talk a lot, and your sturdy notebook must be filling up. Thank you for your time in writing this blog.


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