As the summer hols reach their conclusion, numbers are building again at our weekly meetings, six arrived ready to write today. We were only three last week, partly due to the downpours, I had to hop, skip and jump the torrents flowing under the arches. Precia arrived so sodden she hung her socks over the tea trolley to dry and Wanda voiced the possibility of airing her jeans over the urn!

We can now confirm that the date for the first Writers evening meeting will be Thursday 5th September. The Castle Hotel has been booked and the meeting will run between 7-9pm. More details will follow but this will be a trial run until Christmas. Thanks to Wanda for doing the leg work, finding a venue and keeping us up to date.

Wanda also brought us news last week of the event planned by New Street Authors to coincide with the Commonwealth Games coming to Birmingham in 2022. The description given by NSA is;

“This is a multi-author event scheduled for Saturday 16 July 2022 to coincide with Birmingham hosting the Commonwealth games. Definitely, something for us all to celebrate. Readers can purchase tickets in due course in order to meet the attending authors in Birmingham’s prestigious Council House, including the opportunity to purchase signed books. Until then readers can interact with authors in this FB group.”

Wanda has put a deposit on a table for Tamworth Writers, now all we have to do is fill it – get those books published!

On the subject of New Street Authors, Wanda also reminded us that we have a speaker very soon, member of NSA, Andrew Sparkes. His visit will be on 25th September and he will be sharing his expertise in both writing and publishing. It is Andrew’s business APS Publications that have published Wanda’s recent release The Hungry Dragon

Sean made a suggestion that we set up a Whatsapp group for Writers, it makes sense; especially for those of us not always logged into Facebook. Hopefully, that will be set up shortly in order that we can keep in touch more easily.

Good news from Precia, she was able to get through to Cath on the phone this week and she sounded well which is good to know as we’re missing her.

Today’s subject was Temperance. I made an attempt at putting in writing my experience of falling (heavily) off the wagon after a sustained period of sobriety due to illness. Unfortunately, this landed me in the dog’s basket and the hangover that followed was enough to ensure a drop of the pure never reached my lips for at least 3 years!

No one else had written on this subject but Sean shared a short story with us about a man searching for answers. When he found them it was not what he was expecting. Critique and discussion followed about ways the conclusion could be made less obvious, drawing readers through to a final gripping revelation. Sean’s dialogue is compelling so it will be good to hear this tale again with it’s reworked plot twist.

Unfortunately, I had to flit after this so missed another of Moya’s fabulous poems. Maybe the blog should be a tale of two halves with the baton (or pen) being picked up by another member when I leave? Wanda? 😉

As I was leaving Wanda reminded us that next week’s meeting is a workshop and she then suggested the focus be rapping. Yes, you heard right! This Wednesday coming, the first floor of Tamworth Library will be the crib for Tamworth Rappers. So if you wanna getty with my home boys and girls we’ll be there from 1-4pm layin’ some dope rhymes and beats.

Peace Out – Shady Funk D





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