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The holiday season is drawing to a close, kids are back to school and Tamworth Writers are making their way back to the weekly meetings in Tamworth Library. Eight of us made it today where exciting news was delivered; the fiction competition results were in!

writers comp

In first place was Debbie, second place went to Vic and in third came Sean. Well Done Everyone! Precia shared out the prize money but with only five entries this time the question was raised as to whether the competitions should carry on. Debbie suggested bringing in copies of the monthly competition round up from Writing Magazine; although entry fees are applicable, it may give us some extra inspiration. This debate is to be continued…

In a bid to get work published, Debbie had sent some articles to a new magazine, Happiful. Their reply was encouraging but they suggested future content have a stronger mental health angle. It definitely pays to read the magazine you contribute to thoroughly but also to have an affinity with the subjects they are closely linked to.

This Thursday evening Tamworth Writers will be meeting in the Castle Hotel, Holloway, Tamworth between 7-9pm. The Writers have previously held evening meetings but they weren’t well supported. Due to queries and requests about the possibility of later meetings, we have booked to attend the Castle Hotel on the first Thursday of the month for the next three months. If you want to join us or know someone who may be interested, please put the word out and come along.

With Wanda aka Tenacious Brat, unable to join us for a second week, the rap workshop has been put on hold. There will be no spitting bars till the Brat’s back!

Instead, we continued with the theme of the day which was Witness. First up with a poem was Vic. It was a personal piece which we all agreed was both insightful and powerful, Vic just keeps these excellent poems coming!

My contribution was a real-life experience of witnessing a vicious attack which reporting on led to me being in witness protection. Despite hard evidence, the victim was badly let down in court and the offenders got off lightly. Writing this down made it seem almost fictional, it certainly was hard to believe what happened.

Moya hadn’t lived through a court case but read a convincing tale of how she imagined proceedings may go. The protagonist in this instance was obviously not going to help solve the crime in question. We love the humour in Moya’s writing and this was spot on.

It was time for me to head off at this stage but I’ll be back to join the writers this evening (Thursday 5th) for our first evening meeting. See you there!





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