Comfort Free Zone

Today was deadline day for our in-house poetry competition and this year we’ve had to up our game. The entries are being judged by long-time Tamworth Writers member, Maureen Edden and she is both an authority on and expert writer of poetry. Eight poems were handed in and a few of us had moved away from our usual writing style; I can’t reveal too much because we don’t want to alert Maureen as we submit anonymously. However, it was interesting to hear how we’d experimented.

We were then treated to a couple more pieces of writing. Precia read another excerpt from her family memoir that involved a holiday journey that didn’t go to plan. It had break-downs and cock-ups and plenty of laughs – helped along by a trip to a bar. If Murphy’s Law hadn’t been written, tips could’ve been taken from Precia’s Dad. Proof that when things go wrong, there’s always a funny side – and an excellent story to tell.

Following the impromptu ‘Flying Doughnut’ stories a few weeks ago, Moya revealed that she had the completed tale to read to us. It tells of an unhappy custard doughnut who, left on the shelf was granted a wish by the Fairy Godbaker. We are taken on the doughnut’s adventure as his wish for wings is granted and he takes to the skies. Sadly, royal icing doesn’t make the most reliable wings and before long the crestfallen cake is plummeting towards and unfortunate end.

Inspired by Moya’s wonderful story, Wanda came up with the idea of putting together an anthology of children’s stories in future. She suggested we each write a short piece and they could be combined to produce a book in time for the writing event we are attending in 2020 in Birmingham. That’ll take a few of us out of our comfort zones again but its always good to try a new genre.

Another of Wanda’s propositions was to come up with a central location to write a story around, with each of us taking a character to develop their individual narrative. This was met with great enthusiasm and we are planning a workshop soon to expand and begin this exercise.

Next weeks theme is Autumnal, I reckon there’s a fair bit of inspiration out there for us. If you want to get involved, find us on the first floor of Tamworth Library at 1-4pm every Wednesday.

comfort zone

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