Autumnal Verse

Today’s theme was Autumnal so there’s plenty of inspiration out there for us. We heard first from Wanda with a captivating poem that revolved around a family tree. The family members each form leaves from which our traits derive, passed through the tree. This stimulated discussion about lost opportunities. When those leaves have fallen it’s often too late to say what could have been said. Beautifully written with thought-provoking language.

I followed with another poem in which the subject is an age old tree that’s watched the times change, suffering as a result. The landscape remains the same but those who inhabit the park where the tree has stood for over 100 years have darker purpose than the children who played there before them. I took the traditional verse, ‘Underneath the Spreading Chestnut Tree’, to begin each line. We are hoping to publish some examples of our work so this and other pieces will be posted soon.

Moya read a poem which she had written several years ago but which still has a poignancy in today’s climate. Entitled, An End to Winter it begins with how the earth prepares to sleep but as our seasons overlap we can often see flowers blooming in December. The conclusion heeds the warning that we may one day regret the end of winter. Another well written, interesting piece that you’ll hopefully be able to read soon on this site.

Next week we’re shuffling the menu so that Sunshine will be the topic of the day and the workshop will be the following week 6th November. Don’t forget you can join us on 7th November for the writers networking event at the Castle Hotel, Tamworth. Follow the link for details.

See you there!

tree 2

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